Graduation from Peking Univsity

After a half-year online studying due to COVID-19, I finally returned to Peking University for my undergraduate graduation ceremony!

working cooking
seafood USSConst

Life in Boston

In 2019, I spent an unbelievable summer at MIT Kavli Institute, Boston. In addition to doing research, this was my first time cooking, and I found myself talented! The seafood here was incredibly cheap; a basket of lobsters and crabs cost me only 25 bucks. I also visited the USS Constitution. Before that, I thought it only existed in Star Trek!

Hierarchical cluster formation in a giant molecular cloud

Hierarchical cluster formation in a giant molecular cloud

Head picture of this website. I use AREPO (Springel 2010) to run the simulation and Matplotlib to create the picture. Click here for more details.


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